Should You Always Lead a Balanced Life?

If you have been following me you know I advocate a balanced life.However, as soon as you say always, the answer has to be no. What? Read on.

What is Balance?shield-268118_640

You may recall from a January blog that “For me, being in balance simply means I don’t have to say ‘no,’ on a regular basis, to people or things that are important to me.” It is not about balancing hours in the various activities that you are involved in. I am a very strong advocate of balance, as I know, through my two personal burnouts, the high cost and pain of not balancing your life.

Do You Create Deliberate Imbalance?

I know that many of the people on my lists and that read this blog are project managers, entrepreneurs and teachers. You have said to me at different times it is simply not feasible for me to be in balance right now. Brian Tracy refers to this as the concept of Deliberate Extreme. You know you need (want) to be out of balance in your life right now. The concept is this; you need to be out of balance sometimes to get the job done. It is that simple. Project deadlines loom. Grades need to be in. A new product needs to be launched. Time shifting and balance are not an option. I am launching a new product line. I simply cannot work a forty-hour week and meet the deadlines. I need to do more for a couple of weeks. I also have a daughter leaving for Europe in two weeks and will be away for two months. I want to spend more time with her so for the next ten days we are hiking, biking and paddling every opportunity we get. Neither of these situations are balanced, but they are needed and wanted.

Do You Share the Why and When?

Being out of balance for a longer period of time leads to burnout; even when it is something you need or want to do. So you need to establish how long you will be out of balance for. Then you need to decide what you are going to do to compensate your mind and body as a reward for the temporary short-term imbalance. You need to communicate that you are doing this to everyone that can potentially be affected by this: family, colleagues, employer, clients, etc. You will be amazed at how supportive people are when they see you being proactive.

Have You a Strategy?

For most of us the deliberate extreme is a reality. Share with us on this blog the strategies you have developed for coping with this.   You Need Get Better Balance & Stress Relief Now to Preserve Your Health If you are identifying with this in any way don’t miss out on the upcoming virtual coaching program A Balanced Life is a Matter of Choice, Not Chance starting May 26. As I indicated last week, I made a mistake pricing this program way too low. I will not repeat that mistake again so sign up while there are a few seats left. Don’t be disappointed. Sign up now