Questions to Ask Yourself Often When Looking for Life Work Balance

Questions to Ask Yourself Often When Looking for Life Work Balance


What is important to me in my life?

A Grouping of Question Marks

Your questions will lead to clarity and life balance


We often have loose ideas about this, but I have found when I am working with coaching clients that this is not as simple and clear as you might think. Clarity only comes when you write this down and revisit it occasionally. Is it having flexible working hours? Is it having time for fitness activities? Is it time to explore new things? Write it down and get clarity.


Does my current position meet my needs?


Does your company offer opportunities for growth? Does your current position allow you to take care of your retirement needs? Does it allow telecommuting? Is it providing sufficient challenges and rewards?


What’s it worth to you?


Do I really need this job with all it’s stress and long hours? Could I find a job that met my life style needs better and still meet my financial goals (you do have written goals, right)?


Get clarity on what matters to you in your life. Then choose it. With clarity comes focus. With focus comes productivity, happiness and balance. As Nike says “Just Do It.”


Overwhelm and Stress


At this time overwhelm and stress are so common. I always ask my coaching clients to ask themselves the five risk management questions anytime overwhelm hits or a specific task is causing stress.


Risk Management Questions

(Remember a fear of action is also a risk)


What is the best that can happen?

What is the worst that can happen?

What is the most likely to happen?

Can I cope with the worst?

Would I be happy with the most likely result?


When I answer these questions I find my stress levels drop significantly as I realise all those horrible outcomes that I imagined are almost never likely to happen. I would love to hear what you do to avoid overwhelm. Please post your techniques in the comments below.