Why Hire Bill?

All of the headlines below have been used to describe why people have hired Bill Wright



Bill experienced two personal burnouts in a previous career. He knows what it feels like to hit the bottom due to chronic low-level stress. Participants often tell how it is so refreshing to “talk with someone who gets it.” It is not just simply “book learning.”

After leaving that career Bill studied coaching, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and behavioural studies (DISC) so that he could help others develop a balanced and fulfilling life style to prevent the pain of burnout.


As the field of neuro-science develops we are learning so much more about brain function and human behaviour that it requires daily study to evaluate the new ideas. Bill does this then condenses the material into understandable ideas with practical of the techniques.


We are constantly being asked to do more with less.  A Globe and Mail article reported that “to top it off, only 23 per cent of working Canadians are highly satisfied with life. That’s half as many as in 1991.” Bill understands this and studies how life balance is linked to productivity and therefore this is a corporate issue as well as an individual issue. He provides practical approaches to achieving life balance.

He is always asking what is that you need now to help you achieve the balance you desire and how may I help you. It was a question like this that lead to his e-book on Amazon titled Effective Communication: What they need to hear and how they need to hear it and his Life Balance is a Matter of Choice, Not Chance program and the forth coming book of the same name.

 Easy to Work With

Bill’s “I can take care of that for you” attitude is often cited as one of the reasons people recommend him to their associates and friends. Understanding that working with difficult people is a major stressor Bill ensures that he focuses on relieving your stress, not adding to it.


People do not learn while passive. Bill’s experience as a post-secondary teacher and as a trainer has taught him this well. A comment that he hears often (and appreciates hearing so much!) is “how he values and acknowledges each participant’s input to the learning process.”


Bill’s experience 30 years as a post-secondary teacher ,as a trainer and in field engineering has given him a broad worldview and allowed him to see things from the inside.


Bill is thrilled when he hears clients and participant’s pass the comment “Bill on the stage and Bill off the stage are exactly the same. This is incredibly important to him as he is personally offended when he hears the “bigger than life” speaker who is all knowing and omni-potent.  With Bill, what you see is what you get.


The theme and programs of Life Balance is a Matter of Choice, Not Chance were developed around these characteristics.