Life Skills Coaching & Training

Bill’s Main Trainings are:

  • Effective Communication: What they need to hear and how they need to hear it  This workshop examines communication styles and their effect on stress. The participant will recognize the various styles and how to communicate with them in the least stressful way with the maximum benefit. This is the most value to teachers, sales people and managers.
  • Battling Burn out Before it Begins. In this workshop participants learn the symptoms and causes of burnout and learn how to prevent or recover from burn out. They will then work through finding their personal brilliance to allow for maximum effectiveness and productivity while experiencing less stress and preventing burn out.
  • Your Balanced Life. In this workshop participants will define what their ideal life looks like and will develop and action plan to achieve it. The workshop will include laser coaching sessions of value to all.
  • Why Your Employee’s Life Balance Matters to Your Bottom Line. In this workshop managers and business owners learn why an employee’s balance is important to your bottom line and steps you can take to maximize productivity, improve your ROI and reduce absenteeism and turnover.