Trade Pay for Balance?

On occasion, we may find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed or challenged by pressures that affect us at work. That is normal. When it becomes usually rather than occasionally is when it becomes a problem. Burn out is the result of long term, low level, stress. Maintaining good mental health and providing support for those who may be coping with a mental health-related issue is in everyone’s best interest.

In September of 2010 newspapers across the country were reporting a poll that shows that 82% of Canadians would take a pay cut in exchange for a job with a guaranteed better work-life balance according to a poll for When respondents were asked what was most important in their job, 34% said work-life balance

If we are willing to take a pay cut to achieve this, I wonder why we don’t take simple steps that can help with that. I will be putting out some of these tips over the next while in my newsletter. These little tips are helpful in achieving your personal life balance.

Do you think this is still true today? Do you think this varies by age group as the study also seemed to indicate? Please leave a comment below.