Thank God It Is Monday

Thank Good It’s Monday

Do you often find you are often saying TGIF on Fridays? Many people do. I have survived another week, and sometimes that is all you want out of a stressful week.



I woke up this week with TGIM (thank God it is Monday). At first look this could be an indicator of a very positive outlook on the week, especially when compared against TGIF. That was not the case this week though. The subtitle to TGIM read; I am not that far behind yet this week. Stress from overwork and over scheduling has become an epidemic in western society


I recently wrote about leaving slack in your schedule as a stress management technique. Yet this week I had not and I was already stressing myself before I was out of bed. That is how profound the impact of not leaving slack in your schedule can be.


Optimum Stress vs. Optimum Scheduling


I hear you already. How can I leave slack if I can’t complete what I need to get done in the week? Stress can be good for our production if it is optimal. There is a level where stress becomes a stimulus for getting things done efficiently. When we get beyond that our efficiency goes down and we get less done with more effort. Why introduce the additional stress of having a schedule that you are stressed over because it is too tight and probably unattainable? Read your email twice a day instead of every few minutes and you have already gained 10-15 minutes of stress free time you can use as slack in your schedule. Group your phone call returns into a scheduled block of time and the efficiencies of having all the relevant materials in front of you will find this takes less time. Again, this is time you can put in your schedule as slack at another time in the day. Evaluate your schedule. Are there things in there that are costing you time but not providing you with value? Can these simply be removed to give you more time?


Gain Time


Your subconscious will help you to achieve what ever you tell it. Are you telling it I have no time for this? If you are, it will help you fill a schedule to the point it cannot be completed. Try this exercise for a week and you may be amazed at how openings appear in your schedule and you find your self with less stress in your life. You may even start to feel that life balance is achievable. Every morning for 10-15 minutes close your eyes and silently repeat the following, “How will I easily, harmoniously, creatively and in a healthy manner find an extra half hour of slack for my schedule everyday?” I think you may be surprised how many simply ideas that “just come to me” throughout the week. Try it. Have fun with it.





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