Student’s Comments on Bill

In April of 2010, I contacted Bill Wright in order to discuss my interest in the electrical industry/field and to determine what type of career would be best suited to my academic and practical strengths. I chose to meet with Bill because of his extensive knowledge in my field of interest which he obtained from many years of employment as a professional in many areas of the industry. His personal experiences were key to answering my many questions.

I was impressed at how quickly Bill was able to identify my strengths and pin-point my interests. Bill provided excellent advice on how to respond to typical interview questions and how to ensure that my strong points were presented as well as provided a lot of insight into what different types of positions entailed. Bill also gave constructive feedback on the design and layout of my resume.

After my discussion with Bill, I had a much better idea as to what type of work would best suit my interests and I felt confident in the professional direction that I wanted my career to take.

I would recommend Bill Wright as a career coach because he is a good listener, he has extensive knowledge of industry and his experience in the work force is invaluable.

Bruce Major, Ottawa, Ontario