Life Balance & Stress Management Expert

Speaker Bill Wright

Bill was selected as the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) Rising Star in 2011 and presented a speech at the CAPS National Convention. In 2016 he received the President’s Choice Award at the High Impact Speaking event in Montreal.

Bill presents to organizations on topics related to life balance, job stress and burnout, and on the effects of communication on stress and how to remedy that.

Bill’s topics are as shown here, but a portion is always customized to your organization:

  • Is Your Life in Control of You, or Are You in Control of Your Life?
  • Effective Communication: What they need to hear and how they need to hear it
  •  The Three P’s of Becoming Your Personal Best
  • Take Control of Your Life
  •  Is Your Project in Control of You, or Are You in Control of Your Project?

These are interactive presentations with the outcome being the participant being happier, healthier and more productive.

For optimum results the presentations are best followed up with online programs, in person training and/or coaching.

Here are some videos from some of these presentations to help you assess how this meets your needs.

Speech Clips

This is  mix from different speeches so different styles and content are shown


Here is a 45 minute portion of a presentation given to PMI SOC in Toronto.


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