Second-hand Stress 3

You have heard of second hand-hand smoking. Well second hand stress is just as dangerous. How getting caught up in the stress of those around you can significantly increase your stress levels is shown in this video .
I recall during my time as a long distance runner and heavy exerciser how I just seemed to be immune to the office stress. I even had people comment that I could not be taking my job seriously if I was always smiling and happy!
Then I got an injury that preventing me from doing my regular exercise. It was not long before I was caught up in all of the politics, criticisms and other “normal” office things. My stress levels shot up. I too found that smiling and other non-serious activities irritated me and even further increased my stress levels. This was OK though; if you were serious about your job you should be stressed.
Fortunately, the injury was short term and when I returned to my normal routine my stress levels dropped and the happy, relaxed and productive me returned. You need to be aware of how second-hand stress effects you and how exercise can counter it so effectively.
Go pursue your life balance whatever that means to you.

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