Prioritize and Focus

Prioritize and Focus

I’ll Do It When Things Slow Down

Are you just going through life waiting for life to slow down so that you can ….

Well life has a habit of speeding up and not slowing down so you may be waiting a long time. As I mentioned in an earlier post we begin to take control of our lives the moment that we take personal reasonability for our circumstances and how we respond to them. We can’t always control the things that happen to us, but we can control how we respond to the things that happen to us.  Being in control is a choice, not a situation. Often it is attributed to luck but as many before me have said luck is simply the results of intelligent choices.

 Slow Things Down by Organizing

Things always seem to be racing when we jump from one thing to the next as they appear, often that which seems most urgent gets done next. We start to gain control when we go to what is important next, even if it is not the most urgent. Prioritize tasks in order of importance. Remember the Pareto Principle that says that 20% of action results in 80% of the outcomes. Pick that 20% and anything you do beyond that is bonus but it is critical that you do the 20%


Confucius said that the man who chases two rabbits catches none. By focusing on what’s important we maximize the use our time (the 20% tasks), and reduce our stress levels because we are taking action and completing the things in our life that’s more important to us.   If you chunk the important tasks down into small manageable tasks you can feel success much more quickly without getting into a feeling of overwhelm.  One way I have seen focus defined is as follows: Follow One Course Until ­Successful.

 Control is Your Choice

Taking control of your life is your choice. While some circumstances will remain out of your control, the disciplined and focused person controls the reaction to that circumstance. Make your luck and gain your control by having the discipline to focus on the 20%.

Make it a good week full of intelligent choices.

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