Moving Forward Coaching Package

Who you are


You are looking for practical ways to increase your personal and professional satisfaction.

You have hit a plateau where your previous goals have been met to some extent and now you are looking to see “what’s next in my life?”

You know that you have an essential purpose and that you want to become clear about what that is.

You have dreams; you would like to dream bigger. You want control of your life. You want to form that bigger vision and have a plan to achieve it.

You recognize that coaching is viewed in the professional world as how you move to the next level. You are financially able to invest in your growth and recognize the stretch it may cause is a healthy one. You know you are action-oriented and with the right support, clarity and simple actions, you know you will grow. That is what your coach will help you do. You need to be ready (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually) to invest in yourself for a minimum of 6 months. You deserve this opportunity.


What your issues tend to be

Conflicting demands on your time may be causing you to lose yourself sometimes in the roles you play. You always seem to be on the run and your needs seem to be subservient to everyone else’s. You know that going it alone is not working for moving you forward to the next level; you are even a bit unsure as to what the next level is.

You are tired of feeling stuck. It’s time for you. You know you need to take steps in order to move forward and grow.

You have lost sleep to stress recently. You have felt angry or anxious more frequently because of the stress.  One of your goals has been to reduce your stress and increase your balance. But you have not been able to do it on your own. You have blamed lack of will power, lack of time and life changes on not being able to succeed at this. You know deep down that this is not true; you just need to develop the strategies and commitment to make it happen.


You try to keep up, but somehow the way to relaxation, confidence and success eludes you, and you end up worried. You wonder “What’s going on with my life?” You know that only you can be responsible for taking control of your life.

What you need most right now


You want a strategic life plan that you can follow moving forward. You know you can do this; you just need a little help to get started.

It’s time for you to step and take responsibility for what happens to you, living your plan rather than just going with the flow.

You must begin to believe in yourself and dramatically raise your level of confidence.

You have what you need; you just need a coach to draw the best out of you. Working with a coach will allow you to renew and recharge yourself through exercises focused on self-care


As a Moving Forward Coaching Client you experience:


  1. One-on-One coaching   – 2 calls per month which support your accountability to important actions you have chosen.
  2. Unlimited   email access for email coaching.
  3. Access to the online, member’s only, Moving Forward resource library of exercises, tools and assessments.
  4. Weekly Moving Forward email tip and weekly accountability support
  5. Access online to recorded calls.
  6. Upgrade to the Ultimate Package available.
  7. Special pricing at YourCoachBill events as they occur.



You will receive my My Big Wins Journal, which will help you learn your habits and begin to make changes to or enhance them.

We will create the best plan for you, by getting to know what helps you focus on getting the joy and satisfaction you want out of life.

I work with you, challenge you, and still keep you inspired and motivated.


I partner with you to help you take control of your life and to find and fulfill your dreams.

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