How Do You Stay Focused?

How Do You Stay Focused?

One thing that I hear about all the time from my clients is overwhelm. Often this overwhelm is more about a lack of focus than anything else. We have technology to interrupt us, sometimes even on purpose as we set alerts! We have too many tasks so, even though most of us know it is a myth, we multitask.

Power of Focus

Magnifying glass showing focus

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As we stay focused we get more done, with far less stress, than we can with multitasking or shotgun approaches.

An often-quoted maxim is that “he who chases two rabbits catches none.


If everything is high priority then nothing is a priority. One of the common traits of those with the procrastination habit is to delay making decisions. That is all that not having priorities is; not deciding. For some of us (this is one I have to watch very carefully myself) the problem lies with perfectionism. What if I pick the wrong one to make my focus? Well I might get my second most important task done first. If I don’t pick anything then I will get nothing done. I might be wrong but I will have achieved something important.

Aligned With Smart Goals

If you have written your goals down and they are SMART (specific, measureable, actionable, relevant and time specific) then it makes it easier to set the priority in the first place and to stay focused as you can see the outcome for performing your action.

 Super Simple Power Tool

I am taking courses from the Blog Marketing Academy with David Risley. David is a bit of a tech guru as well as a marketing guy. As I was reading his blog he pointed out that his most powerful tool is not an app or piece of software. It is a small notebook that he uses as a business journal. He puts his focus map on the top of the page everyday and works to that. If it is not on the map he does not do it! Here is an example of my map for today.


Focus Map for Procrastination Webinar

Focus Map


The interesting part, for me, was that when I finished producing the example map I was so energized by the planning process that I set aside September 8 to have the webinar and set it up on EventBrite. The power of focus is that strong. Jack Canfield even wrote a book I highly recommend by that title.


If you need to see David’s videos on this they can be found here.

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Please comment and share ideas below. It helps build a community and to get accountability to help you take action to get the balance in life that you deserve.