Happy Birthday 4

How Was Your Holiday?

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This week we celebrated national birthdays here in Canada and the USA. I was out last evening with friends and colleagues for dinner. We were discussing some things in our schedule and what they mean to us. It occurred to me at that time that I had not written a blog or newsletter this week and then the realization struck that this was Thursday evening. I mentioned that I had not been late this year and that I needed to get it done as it always comes out Friday at 7 a.m. It occurred to me that a holiday can be a nuisance and through you off schedule. A friend at the table mentioned she had only been late with her blog (by 3 hours!) once in 12 years and how it had stressed her. At this point someone was kind enough to point out to me how silly this whole thought was for a balance coach; the work month has been reduced by one day and this was causing me stress. And I am the balance coach.

This morning I thought about that. If I were a client of mine I would likely point that I would enjoy the opportunity to use the day of rest to rejuvenate and ultimately be more productive in the end. I did enjoy the day off with intelligent young people in conversation in a very relaxed environment. I was far more productive on Wednesday as a result.

 Did You Take A Long Weekend Recently?

I read yesterday that 83% of urban Canadians did not get out of the city for a long weekend last year. My daughter is touring Europe right now. She is finding people taking every opportunity to enjoy the summer and celebrate every holiday. In North America have we lost the ability to enjoy just because we look like slackers if we enjoy ourselves? Do we think we are doing work that is so important that we cannot smile and enjoy ourselves?


How Are You Recharging Next Month?

Take the time to recharge so you can be creative, happy and productive. They are not mutually exclusive; they are supportive of each other. Start planning now to enjoy your holiday in August. What are you going to do?


Still can’t figure out “how I will get around to it?” Try clicking here to get the Procrastination Pro program working through it now so you are ready for the August holiday.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  • victoria

    Hey Bill,
    i am feeling so much freer after letting the Melaleuca business go.
    I am on Day Six of Procrastination Pro. I had put off a lot of things because I “shoulda” been working on Mela. Have had breakthroughs on “worthiness”.
    The area that I am concentrating on is “bigger household jobs”. And I have asked for help!! My neighbor is guiding me step by step so my garden will look great for years to come. Digging is great exercise.

  • victoria

    Recharging? Absolutely. Given myself non-grudging total freedom to watch both Wimbledon finals. With strawberries.
    Can others read these comments?
    Yes, I can see they do. That’s ok. I’ll email privately if necessary.

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