Get Unplugged

Many famous musicians do their best work when they produce their “unplugged” version of their work.
You should seriously consider doing the same. When I am working for coaching clients, or even during my speeches and workshops, when I first suggest that people unplug for one to three hours a day it almost seems heretical! No phone, no computer, no mobile devices and no interruptions allowed – just turn them all off. As I repeat myself people usually warm to the idea. When I suggest that this our be broken down into 50 minutes of uninterrupted work and 10 minutes reward, such as walk around the building they start the change. Often they say that this is more uninterrupted time than they normally get in an entire day. I ask for feedback from those who try it and the common response is that they get more work done in that hour than they normally do in a morning. Just think, that is like gaining an extra 15-20 hours free. And you get to walk around the building.

The hardest part of this is training co-workers. Be diligent. Why not convert them to this tremendous technique. Why not all do it at the same time then have the reward session be a coffee together and determine how you can expand on this idea for even greater productivity.

It is time for your “unplugged” work to be released. As they say in shoe land, just do it.