Find Your Focus 1

Finding Your Focus

Finding Your Focus


Find Your Focus

If you find your focus you will:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Make more money
  • Be more productive
  • Have more free time
  • Have more fun time
  • Have more control over you life (this is what most of my client’s are looking for)
  • Have more life-work balance (always number one or two with my clients)

This week’s post is taking a deviation from my norm

Professional Focus Program

I am constantly on the look out for materials or programs that can help my clients and readers with their challenges. Sometimes I luck out and find one, such as finding your focus, that is of great value to me in my personal and professional development.

Find Your Focus is one such program. There are a lot of programs, both free and paid, on the Internet for overcoming procrastination. This one stands out head and shoulders above others I have seen. It is very professionally done and appeals to a variety of learning styles. It has videos of the live presentation. It has MP3s to listen to on the go (a great idea as many people with the procrastination habit feel overwhelmed), and there are pdf transcripts of the videos and worksheets for each section. As with most good self help materials these are not of much value to you unless you do the actual work. The author has made the work simple with the worksheets, all in manageable size chunks.


The presentations are interactive with Zach coming right out with two important questions. First, “What is procrastination costing you?” followed by, “What would your life be like if you were free of procrastination?” If you are like me you can quickly identify with the audience’s answers.

Being a professional coach, NLP practitioner and a DISC trainer I was immediately impressed by the fact that his system is based on cognitive behaviour, neuro-science, animal training and gaming design. This is a departure from the standard “just do it” material that is out there. This material often implies that you are simply lazy and that time management or some other magic bullet will fix the problem. I too have found working with coaching clients that while they have been labelled lazy that the binary opposite is most often the case. These people are practicing the procrastination are actually very ambitious. They’re ambition leads them to take on too much which tends to leave them in overwhelm and indecision. I know that this, along with my perfectionism habit, are at the root of my personal procrastination.

I have only gone about half way through this material at this point; I have only quickly reviewed the rest at this point. I have started doing simple exercises like the 3×15 (a useful adaptation of the Pomodoro Method) but with more immediate rewards. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who has ever struggled with the procrastination habit (and judging by my coaching clients that is a lot of us).

If you would like to beat procrastination in order to reduce stress, increase productivity, make more money, have more free time and fun, or simply to obtain that powerful feeling of more control in your life you can sign up today for immediate download by following my affiliate link. This is an affiliate link where I will get a commission if you buy, but please be aware I value your trust too much to recommend a product or service that I believe not will help you.



If you decide to take advantage of this program I will give you a copy of my e-book Effective Communication: What they need to hear and how they need to hear it currently selling on Amazon for $9.99. Just email the receipt from the program and I will send you the book.

If you are on mobile the following QR code will take you directly to program page.

qr find your focus


The Find Your Focus program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so decide for yourself and leave your comments below.


Five Minute Journal

five minute journal

Last week I mentioned how I am using the Five Minute Journal. I have been able to negotiate a 10% discount for my readers and clients. This again is an affiliate link. Go to and enter the discount code MCB2015.



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