Elementary Teacher Strongly Recommends Coach Bill

I would like to recommend Bill Wright as an excellent life coach. My coaching experience with him has been beneficial for myself and more importantly for my family (who have to put up with me and my moods). When I decided to ask for his help, my life seemed to be filled with guilty feelings, regrets and dissatisfaction. His coaching has been nothing but a positive influence in my day-to-day life.

His recommendations are always straightforward, manageable and feasible. They are always rooted in optimism and are always within the range of my capabilities. Talking to Bill was like getting an uplifting, very personal pep-talk every week. When I got off the phone with him, I always felt energized and enthusiastic about my life and what I wanted to accomplish. Every phone conversation with him was enlightening and seemed to lead me to an epiphany or some sort of personal truth.

Throughout my coaching experience with him, he was always forthcoming with helpful advice such as: having some positive affirmations to repeat, visualization exercises, relaxation exercises, videos to watch or websites to check out about my specific goals and needs.

All of his extra help led me to believe that he went above and beyond our time spent on the phone to help me find my way out of my rut and my personal problems and issues.

Also, he was always organized and prompt with e-mails. He was always punctual and called right at the time he said he would call (an important quality when you find yourself scattered and frazzled) which gave a sense of much needed stability.

More importantly, Bill has proven himself to be an attentive listener and a great motivator. He is always calm and soft-spoken and I never felt any judgment from him, no matter how trivial my problems must have seemed to an outsider.

All this to say that Bill is a wonderful life coach and I would like to recommend him to anyone who is considering getting help to take care of themselves and to get excited about their life.