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Your Safety Depends on Mindfulness

We often think that because we are sitting at desk, managing a project or, looking after students or patients that the risk of an work related, or even home, accident doesn’t really apply to us. I written before how mindfulness can help reduce your stress. It can actually help prevent injury, anywhere anytime. I ran […]

Teacher Stress FAQ’s

Common Teacher stress FAQ’S Stress for teachers can have serious consequences including mental, physical, behavioral and emotional health effects. Most people don’t understand what teacher stress is all about. Teachers are perceived as incredible role models and intellectuals who cannot be affected by small things. Unfortunately, teachers go through many things that result in stress. […]

How to deal with Teacher Stress

How to deal with Teacher Stress Education is a basic human need in our modern society. It is extremely difficult to be successful without education. Unfortunately; little credit is given to those behind the teaching. It is not surprising that many people opt for other professions rather than teaching due to its overwhelming and tricky […]

Is Teacher Stress Affecting Our Economic Competitiveness

How is Teacher Stress Affecting Our Economy? Work Environment Working in the stressful environment of the school system is an emotionally charged challenge that might affect the emotional stability of teaching, support, and administrative staff. A recent University of British Columbia study showed how teacher stress adversely affected the mental health and learning experiences of […]

Address the Work-Life Balance Myth

Life Work Balance Myth Did you realise that a major source of stress for you is trying to achieve mythical life-work balance? Trying to achieve the impossible diminishes your life rather than bring about the desired improvements. Work is Part of Life Work is a part of life. It cannot be separated from life. Simple […]

What Is The Common Denominator Of Achievement?

What Is The Common Denominator Of Achievement?   At least once a year I look to see what the common dominator amongst those who are high achievers in their endeavours. This year was no exception in that there are clear patterns as to what the achievers do to reach extraordinary achievement. These include morning routines, […]