Better Together Coaching Client

Who you are

You are an intelligent and capable individual wanting more control in your life. You want to achieve more of what you are capable of. You realise that sometimes you need a little nudge to get you on track. You enjoy exchanging growth strategies, challenges and victories with like minded people. You know you would thrive if you are working with an expert sounding board to help you take control and move to the next level. You have considered working with a professional coach but aren’t sure where to begin or what’s involved in the process. You recognize that coaching is viewed in the professional world as how you move to the next level. You are financially able to invest in your growth and recognize the stretch it may cause is a healthy one. You know you are action-oriented and with the right support, clarity and simple actions, you know you will grow. That is what your coach will help you do. You need to be ready to invest in yourself for a minimum of 6 months. You deserve this opportunity.


What your issues tend to be

You know what you are doing isn’t going to get you to where you want to be. You have conflicting demands and priorities on your time.  There is no time for you and what you want. The things that matter most to you; that you enjoy and will lead to growth are the casualties. You often find yourself saying, “When things slow down I will …” You have lost sleep to stress recently. You have felt angry or anxious more frequently because of the stress.  One of your goals has been to reduce your stress and increase your balance. But you have not been able to do it on your own. You have blamed lack of will power, lack of time and life changes on not being able to succeed at this. You know deep down that this is not true; you just need to develop the strategies and commitment to make it happen. You are tired of feeling stuck or on your own, unsure of how to take your next step or what that step should be. You want to get clear on exactly where you are going and what it will take to get you there. It may be learning to let go, focusing more or heading in a new direction. You may be facing decisions which come with potential fear or tough actions. Ask yourself this question: “Five years from today, who will I be if I don’t make a change TODAY?”  

What you need most right now

You need to develop and execute that action plan to reach the levels you know are within your grasp. You have tried turning to the people around you for help – friends, family, partner, your doctor – but they can’t see your point of view or feel your feelings. They may give you advice and you may try it, but that is not good enough and you get more and more frustrated. This affects your work or business performance and maybe even your health. You want an expert to facilitate the process. You want an environment where there is safety, honesty and openness. You need a team who will be there to support you when you struggle and celebrate as you succeed. You want a leader who will provide structure and lead the process. Focused follow through is vital at this stage of the game; the group and coach will hold you accountable. You need Clarity, Commitment, Community and Confidence. These four items will make the positive difference to the consistency in your outcomes.   As a Better Together Coaching Client you experience: Group Coaching

  1. Two monthly calls (60 minutes). We will be doing two types of calls. One will be thematic or topical and the other you bring your burning questions, receive laser coaching. From both types you leave with an action ready to implement
  2. Reasonable private email access for email coaching
  3. Guaranteed maximum of 10 participants
  4. Group discussion board for open Q&A with group and coach
  5. Access to the online Moving Forward resource library of exercises, tools and assessments
  6. Weekly Moving Forward email tip
  7. Access online to recorded calls
  8. Upgrade to the Moving Forward and Ultimate Packages available

Group sessions will normally take place over the phone (you don’t even need to leave your home or office). We create a schedule that works for all of us. Our sessions will last 60 minutes bi-weekly. You will receive my My Big Wins Journal, which will help you learn your habits and begin to make changes to or enhance them. You will have access to me through email all the time, so when you need someone aside from group members I’ll be here. We will create the best plan for you, by getting to know what helps you focus on getting the joy and satisfaction you want out of life. I work with you, challenge you, and still keep you inspired and motivated.

I partner with you to help you take control of your life and to find and fulfill your dreams. For a complimentary strategy session please use the “contact Us” form