Are You Making Waves?

Are You Making Waves (Ripples) That Impact Lives?

Imagine yourself back as a child on a quiet summer’s afternoon. Sitting beside the quiet lake you pick up a stone and throw it out into the water. Immediately upon impact small ripples begin moving out from where the stone landed. As time goes by the waves travel further and further. A bigger rock creates bigger waves.


When the ripples hit an object that is not moving it sets up a second set of ripples. Some even multiplying into waves. These ripples and waves move out to impact other objects. If it meets waves coming the other way sometimes we get standing waves, just going up or down. No matter which of these happens, your little ripple is acting on things around them.

Start Throwing Again

Even when you threw little rocks you created ripples. Think of a little act you could do now that will impact on others. As it impacts them they will send out their own ripples.

Do Your Values Cause Standing Waves?

When waves are reflected back and collide with waves coming from the opposite direction they create standing waves. These are waves that are going up and down but are not moving forward. This can happen when are actions are causing waves but they collide with our values. We have lots of action but no progress. When working with coaching clients they are often experiencing these standing waves as a result of standing waves. Frequently the conflicts go away after the client re-examines their values and aligns their values and actions. The wave will then increase in magnitude and move forward.

Have you examined your values lately?

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