Are You Making Excuses That Are Effecting Your Health

Are Any of These Excuses Familiar?


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Last week the Huffington Post presented an article by Lindsay Holmes titled 5 Excuses We Should Stop Making In Order To Be Happier.

 Does Your Sub-conscious Mind Believe Your Excuses?

The argument made is that if we continually make excuses instead of addressing issues, we are robbing ourselves of happiness. I see this constantly with my coaching clients. Those in 90 Day Balanced Life and A Balanced Life is a Matter of Choice programs often use these in explaining the lack of progress (fortunately temporary with coaching) toward their goals and balance. One of the main problems with this is that as we repeat these excuses our subconscious mind accepts what we say without evaluation. Ever time we say it we reinforce this thought in our mind, true or not.

 Are You Too Busy?

The first excuse is “I am too busy.” We become slave to our planners and calendars. It almost becomes a badge of courage to be “too busy”. Often even if we are not busy at that time yet we automatically reply as “too busy!”

 Is it To Expensive

The second is “it’s too expensive.” This mindset too can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The author argues that we should be spending on experiences, not things. I think the menials understand this. I also think it reduces the stress of worrying about keeping your things and paying for your things.

 Can You Take Time Off?

“I can’t take time off” is the third excuse. We absolutely need to take time off or we simply work more and produce less. Creativity comes from rest and variation. Remember the break down of recreation is re-create. I took a few days off recently and mostly drove. Ideas were coming to me so fast that I needed to use a digital recorder to capture them.

Do You Know How?

Number four is “I don’t  know how” Holmes says “Trying new experiences can be scary — but they also can be incredibly liberating.” Going on Holmes says “The longevity of the phrase “practice makes perfect” isn’t coincidental — it exists because it’s true. And once you try something (like meditating), you’ll better yourself and better your capacity to feel joy.”

Do You Save it for Later?

The final one is “I can do it later.”  I have heard a lot more people regret the things that they did not do than I have those expressing regret of having done too many things.

 You Can Change Now!

Lose the excuses and enjoy life to the fullest. Take a little time for yourself to reenergize yourself.


Do you use any of these excuses? How would your life improve if you didn’t?

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