Address the Work-Life Balance Myth

Life Work Balance Myth

Did you realise that a major source of stress for you is trying to achieve mythical life-work balance? Trying to achieve the impossible diminishes your life rather than bring about the desired improvements.

Stressed Man

The life work balance myth leads to stress

Work is Part of Life

Work is a part of life. It cannot be separated from life. Simple math tells you that you cannot balance a part of a whole with a whole. A half cannot equal the whole.

What is Balance?

To me balance is about balancing all the important aspects in my life, not just work,  so that I am not advancing one area at the expense of another. With my coaching clients the first exercise determine what is worth spending time and energy on. Then they look at all the major areas of their life and complete a “wheel of life” to indicate visually how well they are doing. This in itself often reduces stress and points directly to what needs to be done to create balance in their life.


Typically when they are identifying the items worth spending time on they identify the following:


  • Work
  • Health
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Love
  • Learning
  • Relationships
  • Faith
  • Finances


When you struggle with any of these areas you stress every area of your life. You need to balance, and by that I mean an appropriate but not necessarily equal amount of time, all areas of your life to reduce stress. You need to be operating at a high level in all areas to be successful.


Think about balance in this context and you will fell your stress reduce quickly. Complete the identification and wheel of life exercises and post what you discover.


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