Coaching at My Coach Bill

Who? I help professionals and other forward thinking people to take their success to new and higher levels while restoring their life balance.
What? I assist those people who want to achieve more meaning and fulfillment from their lives while maintaining life work balance while maintaining their economic security.I do this by working with you to help you develop and achieve your strategic goals using the untapped potential within you that most people only begin to understand after years of reflection, study and guidance.  You can achieve this in a few short months and to levels that you never dreamed possible for you.  This will bring out the powerful you; you will attain authentic success with integrity and congruency to your true values and personality.
How? I do this using one-on-one coaching and group coaching, writing, mentoring and training.
Why? My 30 years experience in education combined with professional coach training, NLP Practitioner certification, DISC trainer certification and experience in facilitating groups are all brought into the process of helping you create your ideal life.  I entered teaching to fulfill my personal desire and passion for helping other people.  I am genuinely interested in people and want to help you bring yourself  the life you deserve.