90 Day Your Balanced Life Group Coaching Program

Next Program May 5, 2014.  $50 off for the first 4 to sign up!

The Your Balanced Life program is an interactive, group coaching process for people who are eager to explore and take action on issues related to work-life balance.
The program provides professionals with tools to create and maintain a better state of balance, in addition to providing the opportunity for individuals to set short, medium and long-term commitments, and build in accountability mechanisms. You know with your schedule that you can accomplish what you want and make those lasting changes much easier and more quickly with support and accountability.

Barack Obama goes home for dinner most days at 6:30. Why can’t you?

The 90 Day Your Balanced Life program focuses on the following topics:

  • Exploration of your current state of balance
  • Discovering core values – your internal compass
  • Developing a personal vision of a more balanced life
  • Identifying what makes you uniquely you
  • Focusing on priorities and self-care
  • Action Planning and Accountability in taking it forward

While this is a structured program there is time to adapt to the individual needs of the group.


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90 Day Balanced Life!

What’s included in the program?

2 hours of individual coaching sessions (by phone) over the 3 months (taken as 3 calls, 1 per  month, 40 minute sessions — a $197 value alone!)
6 hours of group coaching phone calls (1hour every two weeks). (a $591 value!)
Weekly exercises and notes sent out by email
Bi-weekly balance tips delivered to your email inbox
Tools, self-assessments and other resources for further follow-up
Group calls are recorded in case you can’t make one!
Limited to 8 members per group.

What are the benefits?

Dedicated time to focus on balance in your life
Regular calls to create momentum and accountability
Connection with other professionals who also are looking to create better balance in their lives

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90 Day Balanced Life!

What will participants receive?

The Your Balanced Life! manual (sent to you by email prior to the call)
6 hours of structured activities which will be undertaken as a group and individually
A group follow up conference call one month after the program
One Half Hour Individual Coaching session after the program
Participants are responsible for their own long distance phone charges incurred by calling into the conference bridge-line (located in the US)

Bill’s Background on Work Life Issues:

The 90 Day Your Balanced Life! program is run by Professional Coach, Certified DISC Behavioural Studies Trainer and Certified NLP practitioner.
When he experienced job burnout in the early 1980’s and again in 2005, Bill searched for support on life-work balance issues. Since that time he is constantly seeking better ways to help others avoid or recover from this horrific experience.
Your Balanced Life! Program is for busy professionals seeking better work-life balance. Bill speaks regularly on issues related to work-life balance and works with organizations who understand the loss of productivity associated with a lack balance in their employees to create a culture that embraces the equality of work and life success.

Your investment is only $397 for the 3 months, or payable in 2 installments of $210.

The next session runs from October to January with a break over the Christmas season. Seating is very limited so call or e-mail now to reserve your spot.

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Bill Wright at 613.226.6637, bill@mycoachbill.com or

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90 Day Balanced Life!